Ancient Forest Flower Essences Boxed Kits

Ancient Forest Flower Essences are available in kits of seven bottles, contained in a sturdy cardboard box. The essences in each kit have been carefully chosen to harmonize and work together. Each kit contains:

  • Seven bottles of 2 dram size
  • Stock strength essences 
  • Rubber measuring eyedroppers on each bottle
  • Attractive & sturdy boxes, with lift off lids
  • A handy guide outlining the properties of each essence inside box lid
  • An introductory brochure on how to use flower essences

To view a page with detailed information about the essences contained in each kit, along with complete ordering information, click on the underlined name of the desired kit below.

Kit One: North American West Essences

This kit is made within the legendary ancient forests of North America, and includes a 300 foot tall Coastal Redwood tree, a Giant Sequoia from the High Sierras, and a several thousand year old Bristlecone pine. This kit embodies the deep, pulsating rhythms of the ancient forest.


Kit Two: Ancient European Essences

These seven environmental essences embody the healing presence of ancient European sites which are alive with deep and mysterious qualities. They awaken a medley of songs and stories, a sense of familial roots, and ancient memories. From Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Norway.


Kit Three: Medicine Wheel Essences

This kit is made within the powerful healing environments along the Volcanic Ring of Fire in North America, where the tectonic plates meet the Pacific Ocean. Created to harmonize with the seven directions of the Ancient Medicine Wheel, this kit can be used either intuitively or in conjunction with medicine wheel work.


Kit Four: Sacred Goddess Essences

This kit works with profound feminine energies, including the maiden, the ancient grandmother, and the sacred mother. It can be used to bring into balance the feminine energies in women and men, and help in healing violation and abuse.


Kit Five: Unity

This kit emobdies and brings into balance the myriad expressions of unity, helping to bring about the realization that even in the countless things, there is one essence that dissolve all boundaries. It works with the dance of seeming separateness within the reality of oneness.