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How to Use Ancient Forest Flower Essences

Flower Essences are used in an intuitive manner to help bring about emotional balance and clarity. Because they work on a vibrational and subtle level, they are completely safe, and easily self administered.

You can feel free to explore the use of essences without the fear of harming yourself. Flower essences are a real aid in the process of self discovery and understanding.

Choosing Essences
Choosing which essence or combination of essences is appropriate for you is part of the creativity and joy of using these preparations. A good place to begin is by reading the descriptions of the properties of each essence—these can be found in the Product Catalog and on the cards included in the box lid of each kit. You may find a description which fits your situation like a glove.

Or, you may find that you are attracted to a particular tree or natural environment which is embodied in one of the essences. Some people turn the labels around, and choose the bottle which draws them. You may also use a pendulum or other means of dowsing. Another way is to place a drop of essence on your wrist, and to then feel its effects.

Part of the healing process of using essences is to become more aware of how you feel, and what your true needs are. It is a self-empowering process. It is often helpful to write a sentence or two describing your situation, your feelings, what you want to heal.

When you match up with the essence (or essences) which are right for you and your situation, there is a sense of delight and energy, a synergistic atmosphere is created. In our experience, people always find their way to the right essence, no matter which method is used.

How to Take Essences
Ancient Forest Essences may be used directly from the bottle, by placing two drops under your tongue, 4 times a day. Taking the essence at frequent intervals increases its effectiveness.

You may also place 4-7 drops of essence in a glass of water, and sip it throughout the day. A traditional dosage bottle may be prepared as follows: place 4 drops of essence from the stock bottle into a 1 oz. stopper bottle containing a mixture of 10% brandy (vegetable glycerin, chlorophyll, or apple cider vinegar may be used instead of brandy) and 90% water. Then place four drops of this mixture under the tongue, four times a day.

An equally effective way to work with essences is to place two drops in the palm of your hand, several times a day. The essence may then be rubbed into your skin. This works well for people who are alcohol sensitive (Ancient Forest Essences are preserved in the traditional manner using brandy, with a total alcohol content of 15%).

Essences may be also be used in many other ways:

  • apply topically to any part of your body, including chakra, acupuncture, and energy points
  • add to massage oils, lotions, salves, or bath water
  • add to spray bottles or humidifiers to cleanse a room's energy
  • use with pets and plants
  • use them as a way of setting the tone for gatherings, for celebrations and rituals, taking the essences as a group
  • keep a kit at your desk or workplace, and use them according to the varying situations and moods of the day.
Ancient Forest Essences resonate with subtle and powerful qualities, and like the forest, they are very user-friendly. We encourage you to be creative, and to follow your intuition.

Flower essences work in a subtle vibrational manner to help bring about wholeness and balance. They support the healing process, but are not intended as a substitute for seeking help from a licensed physician or other qualified health professional.