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Kit Four: Sacred Goddess Essences

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This kit contains the following essences:

CRYSTAL STONE CIRCLE - Made in a quartz crystal stone circle in Cornwall, it initiates us into ecstasy and the Great Mystery. It is about ritual, breakthrough, honoring the feminine spirit, and wholeness. Here in the circle we dance, heal, create sacred ritual, and become attuned to the cycles of the sun and moon rising and setting in the dance of the Great Mother.

ANCIENT GRANDMOTHER - The Crone, she who knows, initiates us into the ancient mysteries of knowing that we are part of the sacred web of life. The Crone protects us with a cloak of invisibility while doing inner work. The survivor of many winters, she is vital, alive, beautiful, and excited. She teaches with patience and love. Made with an ancient Western Juniper on a rocky Sierra mountain slope.

DUNE PRIMROSE - Heals the maiden, she who is life being newly reborn. Assists in guiding us through rocky places where there appears to be no path, supporting us in focusing on our spiritual journey, embracing innocence, trusting life. Heals the wounded maiden, including sexual abuse; changes the dream of the maiden who has no vision to carry. Heals the violated internal maiden.

OBSIDIAN DOME - Made at the site of a massive volcanic outpouring of obsidian in the Sierras, while a rainbow was circling the sun. This essence embraces and heals rage, transforming this potent energy into radiance. Works with internalized rage resulting from abuse, which consumes personal power and causes us to strike out in the midst of our timidity, fear, and withdrawal.

VOLCANIC GREEN FIRE - Reflecting moonlight, volcanic green glass leaves behind a rainbow dancing softly on the water's surface. This essence reignites the flame within the heart by healing shatteredness, hurt, loss, grief, and hollowness. In healing these shattered places, we reunite with the ocean of Oneness.

SACRED YEW - Made in the lap of a 1700 year old Yew tree in England, with spring waters from below the Glastonbury Tor, this essence awakens joy from within. Joy is the twin sister to love. When there is joy and love, there is no room for fear. Assists with the deep grief of losing someone dear, allowing us to celebrate the larger mystery of life.

SACRED ICON - Made with the waters of an ancient spring, this essence embodies the spirit of a 12th century Eastern Orthodox stone Icon of the Sacred Mother and Child. Made within the walls of an ancient monastery, it teaches us how to experience that which is behind the spiritual image—the mysterious dance of emptiness and form, as all of creation, including ourselves, weaves in and out of manifestation. We enter the embrace of the Great Mother, who teaches us there is no separation, there is nothing to fear. In the great swirling movements of life and death, there is no loss, no abandonment, for we have never left home.