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Ancient Forest Flower Essences Boxed Kits > Kit One: North American West Essences
Kit One: North American West Essences

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This kit contains the following seven essences:

PETRIFIED FOREST ESSENCE - So long ago, these fossilized remnants of the ancient forests of Arizona lived and breathed. This essence breaks up rigid and crystallized patterns in one's emotional, mental, and spiritual life, healing and releasing petrified fear. Wonderful for any type of energy/bodywork.

REDWOOD ESSENCE - Within a grove of thousand year old Redwoods in Northern California, this tree thrives in an atmosphere of majestic reverence. Its energy allows you to drop into silence, and feel the presence of deep abiding love. Excellent for meditation and dreamwork.

WESTERN REDCEDAR ESSENCE - The huge trunk of this ancient Redcedar in the Olympic Peninsula has broken open, creating a chalice which receives the open sky. This is the essence of being in the heart, in the joy, in the moment—being present here and now.

GIANT SEQUOIA ESSENCE - Like an Ancient Chief, this powerful and towering Sequoia is over two thousand years old. Its wise, old presence resonates the qualities of inner strength and resources, the courage to be one's self. This essence also brings forth a healthy male presence, potent, sensual, and loving. Can be used by both men and women.

ARIZONA JUNIPER ESSENCE - Among the vortices, in the high desert of Sedona, this old and beautiful Juniper is vibrantly rooted within the red earth. Its clean, arid energy cleanses anger residing deep in the heart. It generates the capacity to be generous, large-hearted, and hearty.

ARIZONA CYPRESS ESSENCE - Also from Sedona, this large, luxuriant Cypress has a clear sense of self-contained integrity. This essence works powerfully with protection and safety. It is the essence of healthy boundaries, protecting one from being violated by other people, as well as by abusive voices which have been internalized.

BRISTLECONE PINE ESSENCE - This wondrous tree has been residing on a wild, windy slope of the Eastern Sierras for over 5,000 years. In taking this essence, one experiences a sense of eternity, letting go of momentary drama, seeing through the eyes of forever. Its deep, old, celebrational energy assists in choosing love over fear. Clarity and persistence, the ability to thrive amidst constantly changing conditions.