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Kit Five: Unity

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This kit contains the following seven essences:


WHITE LILAC —The renewal of innocence and trust in the Feminine. Made with the incoming tide, reminding us that the tide has indeed changed, bring in the trust, innocence, love and renewal of the Feminine energies. The tide ebbs and flows, endlessly singing of love, flowering, returning to the realization that we are love, only love. Thoughts of separation are an illusion.

WESTERN HOUND'S TONGUE - Growing along a path beneath towering redwoods, this tiny cluster of blue flowers is named for its dog-like tongue. This essence asks us to pay attention to what matters, to who we are, and to trust in the unfolding mystery of our lives. Radical devotiion and faith in life to sustain us.

JOSHUA TREE - Made on a clear winter's night, within a desert forest, in Joshua Tree National Park, from a giant, old tree. These strange and other worldly trees are like antennas, connecting in mysterious ways to other realms, other galaxies. As the essence was made, there was profound opening of the crown chakra area, a melting of the small world of thought. The veil of imagined seaprateness became thin, and we felt we could reach out and touch the vast realms beyond our ordinary sphere of reality. 

CHICAGO BUDDHA - This essence showers us with the golden energies of the Buddha, sitting in stillness deep within. Made
in a very human place: an art institute, where sits a large and beautiful 12th century Indian Buddha. Stillness is the heart of all activity, all creative expression. Silence is our profound truth, it is who we are. Stimulates clarity of the inner eye, helping to reveal the subtle activity of thought, as it weaves stories of alienation and suffering.

on the shore of the pacific ocean during an intense and powerful meteor shower, a rare abundance of falling stars. It is about receiving grace and blessings from the heavens, of being kissed with new seeds of peace and love for all of humankind. In the deep silence of the early morning, the vastness sings with indescribable beauty, saying "all is well, all is well".

ANCIENT OLIVE FROM CRETE - Embodies patient, enduring growth, and long-term friendship. Aids in making peace with oneself and others so that we can be of service to the greater good. letting unimportant distractions dissolve, while remaining rooted in oneness, in timeless truth. Giving of your creative expression gradually and consistently, in the fullness of time. Letting go of paranoia and honestly being wht you are.

ANGELITE - Knowing that we are safe and protected in our unfoldment of Being. there is a sense of peacefulness from the place of inner knowing that htere is always spiritual and universal protection for us, ever present as droplets of Unconditional Love. Peacefulness is our intrinsic nature. Angelite is like our guardian angels whispering to trust, wake up, and celebrate incarnation.