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Kit Two: Ancient European Essences

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This kit contains the following seven essences:

NORWEGIAN FJORD WATERFALL ESSENCE - Made in the clear waters of a towering fjord waterfall. The surging quality of this essence resonates with self-empowerment. It cleanses feelings of confusion and doubt, and dissolves rage and anger stemming from feeling powerless.

BLACK FOREST ESSENCE - Made in a pristine remnant of the magnificent old forests of southern Germany. It resonates with the subtle, invisible archetypal forces of nature which weave the world of form. This essence assists in opening one's heart to nature, healing the fear of nature.

SWISS GLACIER ESSENCE - Made with the waters of an ancient glacier in the high elevations of Switzerland. The liquid quality of this essence melts protective walls around the heart, allowing gratitude and appreciation to flow from the heart. Here, one knows true abundance.

NEW FOREST BEECH ESSENCE - There is a mysterious quality to this old Beech forest, the private preserve of past kings. The trees are like friendly beings from an old folk tale. They resonate the quality of experiencing the richness of life, without trying to change ourselves according to an abstract ideal. This essence heals criticalness, finding fault with everyone and everything.

CELTIC HEALING SPRINGS ESSENCE - Made with an ancient and legendary spring in England. Its gift is a lucent and luminous energy which clears the chakras and aura, allowing one to reconnect with inner source. Peering into the spring, the face of one's true self is revealed. Very grounding.

IRISH FAIRY TREE ESSENCE - Made on a magical site near the poet Yeats' Norman Tower. It kindles the fires of creativity, and the energy of excitement. This essence nurtures the creative process, revealing inner direction by surrendering the deep pain which renders one immobile.

AVEBURY STONE CIRCLE - Made in the lap of trees which are part of the ancient stone circle in Avebury, England. This essence carries the exquisite energies of this healing site, resonating with fertility and the dance of life. Reawakens the freedom to be sensual, shedding centuries of conditioned guilt. This essence is also about aligning with purpose, allowing one to focus with such clarity that nothing stands in the way.