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Kit Three: Medicine Wheel Essences

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This kit contains the following essences:

TWIN DOUGLAS FIR-THE EAST - From two ancient Douglas Fir trees, growing side by side in the rainforest of Mt. Rainer. This essence radiates the clear, positive, mature, life-giving masculine energy of the East. It is the wisdom of the Eagle, the expansive view—the way of illumination, fresh ideas, and expression. The direction of risk taking, putting your creativity and spiritual insight into action.

COTTONWOOD-THE SOUTH - From two venerable Cottonwood trees, this essence resonates with innocence, trust, and relationship—seeing another through the eyes of compassion, opening your heart to wonder. Walking in beauty, softness, seeing through the eyes of a child.

MOUNT ST. HELENS-THE WEST - Within the rich ashes and tangled tree trunks of this devastated volcanic mountain, life is recreating itself in a beautiful and touching way. This is the West: constant change, storms from the ocean, great loss and wondrous renewal. To walk this way is to heal the fear of change, the fear of death, to move with impermanence, understanding the ending and beginning of cycles. It is the wild feminine, the awesome power of Kali, and the deep still feminine within. When one opens to the Great impermanence, the silence of meditation becomes available. Here one enters into the heart of the mystery, while change swirls all around.

BLUE MOON OVER HERKIMER-THE NORTH - A gem essence of Herkimer Diamond made under a blue full moon, this is the energy of the North. The wisdom of experience, the vision of seeing many winters come and go. The compassion of the elder, who sees the long view. Making wise decisions, seeing the effects of one's actions many generations into the future. It is to act for the highest good of all life everywhere, having visions of a healing future for mother earth.

GOLDEN LODGE POLE PINE-THE CENTER - Made from a golden glowing tree in the remote High Sierras of California. This is the energy of the Center, of holding firm. Remaining present, open and unwavering, in the heart of life, no matter what comes. It is the seat of non-judgment, being patiently present to what is before you, the firmness of discipline. The way of the Center is radical trust, to not cut and run, to know that all is well.

FULL MOON ECLIPSE-ABOVE - This is the way of oneness, the deep, quiet presence which includes all things, the vast and mysterious wonder of life. The essence of open awareness. Here separation is dissolved, all sides of an issue or situation are embraced, and conflict is healed. The polarity of the bright full moon and the darkness of eclipse merge together into a higher resolution.

CRATER LAKE-BELOW - Made from the crystal clear waters of a 2000' deep lake, which formed within the enormous crater of an exploded volcanic mountain. This is the direction of absolute truth telling, of honest clarity. Of seeing through to the bottom of a matter, of cutting through denial and pretense. This is the way of deep insight, moving beyond the surface and into the depths. It is to be grounded, to drink from unseen waters flowing deep within.