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Help Now! Flower Essence Blend

This is our wonderful blend of six Ancient Forest Flower Essences specifically matched to give emotional and vibrational support during times of stress, trauma, and injury. People report great success in using this blend for a variety of stressful and traumatic situations. We always carry one in our purse or pack as an emergency first aid helper.

Available in a one ounce bottle, it can be used directly on the skin as well as taking the drops orally. It is very effective to spread it around the neck area, as well as on the hands and wrists. We have found it helpful for muscle aches and pains and other injuries. In times of stress, when there is trauma, it helps us and others to stay calm.

Of course, Help Now! is not a substitute for getting needed help from a licensed physician or other health professional. 

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Help Now! One Ounce Stock Bottle
Help Now! One Ounce Stock Bottle

One ounce stock bottle of HelpNow! flower essence blend