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Press release provid
Sep 08, 2022
3:09 AM
Pr Newswire

When you're trying to send your press release across the entire world, hoping to get media attention, it's crucial to ensure that it's appropriately distributed.

There are two primary methods to accomplish this: by using an online distribution service for press releases known as"wire" or "wire" or contacting appropriate media contacts with your announcement to get it noticed by the media.

If you're looking for press release distribution solutions, You've probably got two of the top ones on your radar: PR Newswire vs. Business Wire. Here's what they have in common.

Compared to other providers on the market, both wire services have the most effective press release distribution options.

pr newswire and Businesswire let you focus on national, local and global media outlets. Targeting options are advanced and allow you to choose the best option to let your press release reach the most relevant media outlets.

On the surface, at a glance, it appears Businesswire is the clear winner concerning features. But, it's important to remember that these figures are derived from the respective websites of each company and could lead to different views of what constitutes an outlet or journalist.

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