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4 Tips On Stiffening Fabric For Sewing
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Aug 18, 2021
8:38 PM

4 Tips On Stiffening Fabric For Sewing


The more you sew, the more you will learn about the different types of fabric. Especially as a beginner, every time you attempt to do something new, you have to apply several techniques to make sure that whatever you are doing must give a good impression to others of your skills. In the same way, the stiffness of the fabric plays an important role in sewing. If you have the best sewing machine for beginners then you will probably deal with less complication. Today, I am going to show you 4 essential tips on stiffening fabric.



Starch and Corn Flour:
This is the most common method of providing stiffness to the fabric that we might have seen our mothers try method before. Just take one tablespoon of starch and mix it with 2 cups of water. After that, mix it gently in a way that there must be no lumps in the mixture and it must feel like a smooth liquid like water. And there it is, you got it. Plus, you can pour the liquid into a spray bottle to use it on anytime if you wish.


Water and Sugar:
Owning the top sewing machines for beginners will help you be able to prepare almost anything as it doesn’t require any kind of complicated handling. So for another tip on stiffening the fabric, you have to prepare sugar and water. Again, you need to prepare the 2 ingredients in equal proportion. Then, mix them up. Next, boil the mix. After that, let the solution cool and then dip the garment into it. Now let your fabric dry and remember not to squeeze it a lot.


PVA glue:
In some projects, you might need the permanent stiffening like when you are preparing some hard appearance bags or flowers for the decoration purpose. If you are looking for that stiffening then we have a solution for that as well. PVA glue is known as a permanent stiffener. However, you can only use it on fabric to which you wish to mold a specific shape.
First of all, you need to take the same amount of water and glue as 1:1 ratio. Then, mix them together like a paste. After that, apply this glue with the help of a brush on the fabric and mold the fabric into the shape you want it to be. Finally, leave it for about 15-20 mins to dry and you will be good to proceed further.



Stabilizer spray:
Of course, the above-mentioned ideas will require pretty much time and you have to prepare the materials before getting your hands in. In case you are in an emergency and you have no time to prepare the whole steps then you can go for the ready-made stabilizers available in the market. In addition, having the best coverstitch machine at home can boost sewing ability much better.

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